The First 'Midas Touch' Investment Sharing Session of Ti Capital was held successfully in Shanghai

MAR. 23, 2023

The First 'Midas Touch' Investment Sharing Session of Ti Capital was held successfully in Shanghai

Ti Capital together with Axia8 Ventures, Krypital Group successfully held the first ''Midas Touch' investment sharing session on October 25th. Well-known blockchain developers, investors and enthusiasts from the communities gathered and shared their investment i experience and opinions in the field of crypto assets.

At the session, Wang Xiaochen, the founder of Ti Capital, gave a speech about 'Ti Capital's Insights on Crypto Fund Investment', where he introduced Ti Capital as a crypto fund dedicated in secondary asset management, primary market investment as well as research institute.

Ti Capital is a renowned investment institution cultivated in the field of blockchain industry. During this year, Ti Capital has invested in and announced strategic partnerships with a number of projects that have promising prospects and broad commercial applications. In the meantime of providing the investors with the best investment services, Ti Capital leads the investors into the blockchain industry at an early stage, realizing higher returns as a result.

Ti Capital treats every investment with caution, and applys sound strategies towards every transaction.

Ti Capital has done a lot of primary-market research and investment in areas like DeFi, cross-chain (Polkadot, Cosmos), Decentralized Storage, NFT and IOT Applications, alongside with projects including Polkadot, Crust, PlatON, Equilibrium, Kira and ARPA.

In terms of secondary investment, Ti Capital has also shown remarkable performance. The net values of the 3 funds held by Ti (featuring Low-Frequency, Steadiness and Safety) all exceed 2, with an APY over 100%.

In the end, Wang Xiaochen shared his perspectives in crypto investments, such as value return to intrinsic value, extreme credible finance, borderless liquidity, zero-sum game, and making money within one's own knowledge.

About Ti Captial:
Ti Capital is a research-driven crypto fund, portfolio of Ti includes: Ti Venture Capital Fund, which focuses on early projects such as Web3.0, Cross-chain project and Polkadot; Ti FIL Mining Fund, one of the first Chinese investors who focus on Filecoin and decentralized storage ecology, with the portfolio including Filecoin mining machines, FIL6, FIL12, Cloud Minning power and other projects . Ti secondary hedge fund has rich asset management experience and a powerful risk management system.

The first 'Midas Touch' investment sharing session of Ti Capital was held successfully in Shanghai.


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