Ti Capital Announced to invest in Kira

OCT. 10, 2020

Ti Capital announced to invest in Kira, a Cosmos ecology project. Focusing on crypto fund in an-early stage, Ti Capital recently announced an investment in Kira which is a liquidity provider in Cosmos ecology.

The goal of Kira is to powering Defi with liquid staking of any crypto currency, stable currency, fiat currency or even NFT in order to make profit and stake derivative through a local supported way to provide liquidity simultaneously. The track of Kira is one of Ti Capital's consideration, by supporting Kira, Ti wants to be one of the parts of Kira and give assistance to the future acheivement.

About Kira
Kira is a brilliant team that working on enabling full access to the underlying value of any digital asset. They are creating a true decentralized solution that allows trustless and scalable market access. This will revolutionize DeFi with a new approach to liquid staking. Kira have received investment from BTC12 Capital, NGC Ventures, and TRG Capital Origin Capital.

About Ti Captial
Ti Capital is a research-driven crypto fund, portfolio of Ti includes: Ti Venture Capital Fund, which focuses on early projects such as Web3.0, Cross-chain project and Polkadot; Ti FIL Mining Fund, one of the first Chinese investors who focus on Filecoin and decentralized storage ecology, with the portfolio including Filecoin mining machines, FIL6, FIL12, Cloud Minning power and other projects . Ti secondary hedge fund has rich asset management experience and a powerful risk management system.

Ti Capital announced to invest in Kira, a Cosmos ecology project.

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